Best Ways to Buy:The iPhone 5

It has been a decade since the release of the original iPhone. Though initially viewed by many as luxury items, smartphones have now become so ubiquitous that they are almost necessary to keep up in modern society.

Easy access to the internet and seamless communication vastly improves workplace efficiency. Music, podcasts, and applications keep us entertained and engaged. Highly detailed GPS maps not only save time and frustration when planning your commute, but can help navigate safely out of potentially sticky situations.

As integral as smartphones are to contemporary life, for many the price for a new device makes the prospect of ownership very difficult. To overcome this financial barrier, many have turned to the used phone market. The availability of smartphones at a fraction of the price demanded by producers makes ownership a possibility for those with tight budgets.

The used phone market also helps to address the huge amount of waste caused by discarded phones. Though an unwanted phone may seem like a no more than a hunk of plastic, there are actually many toxic materials within. Dropping a phone in the trash means that these materials are not dealt with properly. By selling a used phone, you can do your part environmentally and make a decent amount of cash on as well.

There are however some serious drawbacks to buying or selling a used phone on a site like Kijiji. For example, if something was to go wrong with a phone bought off a classified site, good luck getting in touch with the seller for a refund.There are also programs like Apple’s iCloud and Samsung’s Reactivation Lock that can restrict the use of the phone to a single account holder. These can be easily removed, but often aren’t. Unless you are very careful when buying used, you could easily end up with an expensive paperweight rather than a smartphone.

All of this aside, it can be a very stressful trying to negotiate a final price and setting up a meeting with a total stranger. It is however possible to retain the security and support that comes with buying new phone while keeping the used prices! By purchasing a used phone through a company like Orchard, you can be sure that there will be no locks that will prevent you from using the phone. All phones are rigorously tested to ensure that they work perfectly. They also offer a free 30 day warranty, so if on the off chance something ends up being off about the phone, the will repair or replace the phone for you.

So what are you waiting for! Get on over to to check out their phones if you looking to pick up a cheap smartphone! Though used, they even have the latest models out there, like the iPhone 6 without a contract.