iPhone 5 Hacks http://iphone5hacks.org The #1 iPhone Blog for the latest iPhone 5 Jailbreaks, Hacks, News, Rumors, Games, Reviews Thu, 20 Dec 2012 16:55:10 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.1.2 iPhone 6 release date: Will Apple release iPhone 6 in 2013 http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-6-release-date-will-apple-release-iphone-6-in-2013/ http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-6-release-date-will-apple-release-iphone-6-in-2013/#comments Thu, 20 Dec 2012 16:55:10 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=371 Continue reading ]]> The Apple iPhone is one of the most successful technologies introduced by the leading company. It has managed to make its way to people’s top wish list and with the release of the iPhone 5 fresh in our minds, it is surprising to say that rumors have already caught hold of the successor, the iPhone 6. Users suggest that rather than morphing the iPhone 5 into 5s, the company should boost the level by introducing an entirely new device.

iPhone 6 concept design

It is said that the manufacturers of Apple will finally create a device that will come as a competitor for the HTC J Butterfly. Its time for Apple to think different and new and bring a device that evolves the ‘WOW!’ factor amongst its fans like they did when the iPhone itself was announced. Users are looking for a device that is disparate and unlike the iPhone 4s or 5. It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will be released in June 2013.

Rumors say that Apple is in the middle of cooking some of the most advanced features to give the users one of the most dynamic experiences of the iPhone! An easy-to-use screen for easy typing or holding, laser microphones and tactile keyboard. The advanced screen would enable touch while typing to make the user feel the landscape of the screen.

iPhone 6 release date

However, in numerous expectations from the iPhone 5 had been made but very few of them were seen being practically executed. Another expected feature of the iPhone 6 is the crack-proof glass, which will help any person having rough days; protecting the screen of his iPhone. The same aluminum silicate glass solution as the iPhone 4s is used but it uses potassium and sodium that chemically treat it, making it less vulnerable to cracks.

The NFC (near-field communication) chip is another attractive feature that enables users to use payments such as Google Pay.

iWallet is yet another slice of technology; giving the users the ability to have complete access on their financial accounts right from their i Phones! iTunes Gifts is for people far apart from each other, with the desire of ‘gifting’ each other, such as voice messages and customized gift images. Apple plans to introduce a feature that cuts all background noise while a recording is in process, especially for students wanting to record a lecture and with an excellent speaker system.

The shopping companion in the iPhone that merchandises and tags products sold by vendors are highly interesting as the users will be able to scan the nutrition details and advertisements.

3D photography is another added feature, as well as the photographer’s timer that detects the photographer, asking him whether he wants to be in the picture or not. 3D object recognition would be able to distinguish between two pictures, picking out the one which is 3D.

The Apple Avatars are an interesting characteristic, where the users will be able to create characters of them, customizing their hair, nose, eyes and other facial attributes. It would give the users an identity as well as capture attention of little kids.

The iPhone 6 release date may be one good reason why there will be no iPhone 5s at all, but the iPhone 6 is believed to be the next major smart phone by Apple.

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iPhone 5 Release Date USA and Price http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-usa-and-price/ http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-usa-and-price/#comments Wed, 12 Sep 2012 17:31:30 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=368 Continue reading ]]> ITS FINALLLY HEREEEE!!!
iPhone 5 Release – According to experts, iPhone 5/5G release date is due in the latter half of 2011. However, few days’ back there was no hearsay regarding iPhone 5 release date from Apple officials.
However, at the present there is incredible news for all iPhone fans as they won’t have to wait any longer for the much awaited upgrade to iPhone4, the next generation phone-the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 Release Date is finally un-veiled.


According to one analyst, Apple will release two new iPhone’s this year: a low-end, economical iPhone 4S along with a higher-end iPhone 5.The iPhone 5 is expected to announced in August with its release being in September.

Whereas, According to iPhoneItalia, Swisscom senior executive, who has already talk with the Apple organization, has confirmed that the 5th generation of iPhone will be released on September 5 in the US and on 5th October internationally.

There are already assumptions distinguishing the iPhone 5 from its previous complement. It is still not certain as to what changes or updates are going to be seen in the 5th generation iPhone. Some of the expected features in iPhone 5 include metal back, dual core A5 processor, gesture sensitive home button, larger screen, 8 megapixel camera, 64GB of storage and dual mode communications.

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iPhone 5 release date 2012 (Complete Updates) http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-2012/ http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-2012/#comments Sun, 01 Jul 2012 09:04:24 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=362 Continue reading ]]> The advancement is telecommunication systems and affiliated cell phone developers have let modern users enjoy some fabulous features. The Iphone is one of the modern cell phones that have revolutionized the industry. This is reason why the Iphone 5 release date is awaited so anxiously. It’s a real modish phone that can add charm and excitement in to your lives. It is indeed a modish cell phone with many versatile features that make people enjoy.

iPhone 5 release date 2012

This modern cell phone has become more than just a cell phone for calling and sending text messages. It works as a camera and let you capture the moments, it records like camcorder. It records sound, animations and much more. It let you browse through internet files and let you interact with your social world. It is being supplied with some exquisite software that let you manage your business operations on the go.

These are some of those fabulous features that the modern cell phones are providing to their users. The modern cell phone has become an iPhone with some fabulous features for its user. You can enjoy, entertain and connect with people using your Iphone. It has not finished yet it let you do the jobs that may become hard to do with traditional tools.

The iPhone has simply added fairy fascination and charm of having it. It is considered as next-gen phone and why not it deserves that for the quality features it offers. The iPhone 4 has added real spark and charm in to the lives of people and those who have used it are anxiously waiting for iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 release date is what is under discussion at many forums.

There are lots of conjecture going on about the release and release date of iPhone 5. The Iphone lovers want to have it at their palm as soon as possible but the company will definitely take some time before its release. The sellers and brokers have their own says regarding the release of iPhone 5 and the technological gurus are saying something.

Several news going on in the market place regarding the release of next-gen iPhone, some people are conjecturing about the mid or end of 2012. The mid of 2012 is considered as the time of release of iPhone 5 by many technological gurus. They have supportive evidences regarding this release. But there are others who are talking about the September or October as the months chosen for Iphone 5 release.

The exact iPhone 5 release date is definitely cannot be relayed by someone other than officials handling the things. The final say will definitely come from the press release or press note from the company. The October is considered as final month of release of Iphone 5 by many experts.

You are likely to come across many rumors as far as exact iPhone 5 release date is concerned. But it is recommended that you should rely on reliable information. Reliable sources can be considered the ones from Apple Corporation itself or the ones that always used to relay reliable information. Relying on rumors can pinch you a little as far as you desire of getting modish cell phone is concerned.

It is announced to be October till now but you can keep an eye on the proceeding to have a comprehensive look at the latest news. The release date of Iphone 5 is round the corner it just requires few necessities to be met and you will see your dream phone in the cases of mobile market place.

The Iphone is a real device to work with in modern age. It is just not a phone but a complete machine that performs several functions for you. It entertains you, let you manage your things and above all it let you keep in touch with your social circle in very sophisticated style. Keeping the memories intact is another service you can get from your modern cell phone.

The awesome features of this phone makes people await for its new edition. The apple corporation has caught people with the fascination of this cell phone. It is not just because apple is producing it but because it offers something absolutely different from the rest. It is precious and above all performs some awesome jobs for its user. It is not happening first time that people are looking for Iphone 5 release date but it is happening right after the first edition of Iphone generation.

The first iPhone mesmerized the things and the story goes on as time proceeds. The apple Iphone release was officially broadcasted in early 2007 when the CEO thrown the word about such a new generation phone. Since then it is awaited and people keep an eye on latest release date.

Every Iphone release date has been cheered and anticipated well by the prospects after the entry of apple in to mobile world. It gifted the world the new generation phone and got the reward for it as well. The release date of Iphone 5 has certainly been declared but audience still wants to see it in real. The intoxication of having new Iphone can be unprecedented of course. This is what making people look for latest release date of iPhone 5 and this is reason why they are so excited.

The excited features of Iphone 5 are taking people with surprise and they now want to see them in real time. You can keep an eye on the release date but it had also better for you to have a gaze at the features and functions that are going to be offered in Iphone 5. It will help you make your wait worthwhile as you will something really splendid at the end. Let me add some information regarding the specification of Iphone 5. It is coming with ICloud, A5 processor and camera with 8.0 mega pixels. This is much more is coming in your next-gen Iphone 5. You do not require waiting anymore for Iphone 5 release date as you new Iphone is about to make burst through.

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People becoming increasingly impatient regarding iPhone 5 release date http://iphone5hacks.org/people-becoming-increasingly-impatient-regarding-iphone-5-release-date/ http://iphone5hacks.org/people-becoming-increasingly-impatient-regarding-iphone-5-release-date/#comments Tue, 26 Jun 2012 21:58:06 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=359 Continue reading ]]> Many problems related to the iPhones in the past have given the company bad publicity. The most prominent and publicized of these issues is of course, the battery life problem with iPhone 4S. It reached to such a critical level, that it became necessary for Apple to take the bought products back from the customers, and provide altered replacements. Even after the changes, many customers kept complaining that the battery life was still very low.

Another issue being faced is associated with the death of Steve Jobs. People worry that Apple might not live up to its expectations post his death, but that might only be an assumption. He left behind a team of highly trained individuals, who can manage things on their own and carry forward what he set out to do. In the midst of the issues, Apple does need to shine out and lay its mark with the latest iPhone 5 that will be released soon enough.

People are growing impatient everyday regarding this product. But, they need to realize that Apple needs that extra time to add in the new technologies and make sure there are no loopholes and no system issues. This lack of patience means people are constantly on the edge making up release dates and believing random reviews online.

Apple doesn’t traditionally reveal any information about upcoming products, and that is exactly why people may resort to these sources. Only reliable sources should be considered and they state that the iPhone 5 might be released at the Worldwide Developer Conference that Apple is hosting really soon.

People do have certain expectations regarding the set of features they will be supplied with. One of these expectations includes and updated software, which will focus upon new mapping software, not only to be used for the iPhone, but also the iPad. Another additional feature to be included is the 9 to 5 Mac, which is a part of the new iOS 6, and will make the Google Maps application updated with amazing 3-D features.

Many blogs are available online regarding this aspect of the additional features. Needless to say, any iPhone user will be awaiting the long list of applications that comes along with it. Those obviously will come post the release of the iPhone, but people think that is one area that crosses their imagination. There are unlimited apps, offering almost every feature. What could possibly be new? That is where Apple tends to baffle people. By introducing state-of-the-art devices, that are perfect for the current generation. Well, one can only wait and watch.

Many certified sources, have revealed that the shape of the iPhone 5 will be significantly different from its predecessors. It has been said that she shape will follow the rectangular pattern, but will be more oval in nature. Moreover, it will have a larger screen that will offer more viewing facilities and a greater resolution as well.

Obviously, Apple doesn’t only introduce new options, but does work upon building and improving previous ones as well. That is exactly why in April, the senior vice president of marketing in Apple stated that the company is improving on its previous operating systems, namely, iOS and OS X Mountain Lion. This isn’t a sole effort, but is more of a collective one, where Apple collaborates with different developers to come up with amazing software, and that is exactly what we hope will be the case for iPhone 5.

Apple is even considering pricing the products attractively to increase sales, and minimize any damages that might resurface because of previous negative limelight. People although, are still on the edge of their seats waiting for the launch.

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Download iOS 5 GM IPSW for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [Direct Links] http://iphone5hacks.org/download-ios-5-gm-ipsw-for-iphone-ipad-and-ipod-touch-direct-links/ http://iphone5hacks.org/download-ios-5-gm-ipsw-for-iphone-ipad-and-ipod-touch-direct-links/#comments Tue, 04 Oct 2011 19:57:38 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=339 Continue reading ]]> The most awaited day for Apple’s lovers is finally here as Apple has released the new iPhone and its iPhone 4S. The final beta version of iOS 5 is just released by Apple and now iOS 5 beta is seeded iOS 5 GM build which is the final beta version for developers and non-developers.
Apple iOS 5
Keep in mind that this is the final beta version of iOS 5 so this version of iOS is going to be very similar to the final version of iOS 5, that will be available for every iPhone user. Check below for the download links of iOS 5 GM for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Check us back later for updates on iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

Download iOS 5 GM ipsw (direct links): [upload in progress]
iPhone 4 (CDMA)
iPhone 4 (GSM)
iPhone 3GS
iPad 2 (GSM)
iPad 2 (CDMA)
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)
iPad 1
iPod touch 3G
iPod touch 4G

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iPhone 5 release date is October 4, 2011? http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-october-4-2011/ http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-release-date-october-4-2011/#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 17:49:19 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=336 Continue reading ]]> Apple is ready to release the next generation iPhone that is named as iPhone 5 on next month on October 4th, 2011. Next Generation iPhone launch is official now, as many invitations are sent out for October 4 saying “Let’s talk iPhone”.
iPhone 5 Release Date Oct 4
The launch time of the next generation iPhone is at 10am PST, 6pm GMT. But we are not sure yet whether it’s iPhone 5 or new iPhone 4 because Apple has not released anything specific about it yet. This event is going to be held at the company’s Cupertino HQ in California.

There are also reports that staff of Apple is ‘banned’ from holidays in the first two weeks of October in America. ‘Having seen first-hand how Apple packs its staff inside its stores for iPhone launches does suggest that whatever new product they announce is imminent,’ says Luke Peters, editor of T3.

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Win an iPad 2 @ iPhone5Hacks.org http://iphone5hacks.org/win-an-ipad-2-iphone5hacks-org/ http://iphone5hacks.org/win-an-ipad-2-iphone5hacks-org/#comments Wed, 21 Sep 2011 16:34:40 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=330 Continue reading ]]> iPad

To celebrate the new launch of this iPhone 5 blog – We’re giving all of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers a chance to win a brand new Apple iPad! Share this contest with your friends, family and the next Apple iPad winner could be you!

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iPhone 5 Laser Keyboard Concept, Amazing Concept [VIDEO] http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-laser-keyboard-concept-amazing-concept-video/ http://iphone5hacks.org/iphone-5-laser-keyboard-concept-amazing-concept-video/#comments Wed, 07 Sep 2011 15:37:52 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=326 Continue reading ]]> Previously, we have experienced a number of iPhone 5 concepts that were actually very interactive and miraculous but more and more innovated technology concepts are being thrown up by creative Apple designers.
iPhone 5
Courtesy of Aatma studio, a san Francisco-based animation and digital content shop, created an iPhone 5 concept with a laser keyboard and holographic display. The computer generated Concept iPhone 5 features is an exponential jump to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today.

Aatma CEO Pramod Modi Shantharam thinks it would be cool to see such features in a smart phone someday, adding: “We at Aatma are massive fans of the iPhone and are eagerly awaiting the release of iPhone 5. Meanwhile, going to the buzz the iPhone is generating, we felt it’s a good time to launch a concept such as this, and showcase our vision of key features of iPhone 5 or subsequent models could have in the future.”

Startling video of upcoming iPhone 5, shown below is quite likely to blow your mind featuring an ultra-thin design, a laser keyboard, and holographic display. The keyboard is placed flat on a desk, a touch gesture is made, and from the side of the device, there is a small glow followed by the manifestation of a quite beautiful, fully-functional laser keyboard.

Nowadays, most smart phones do the majority of the tasks that a desktop isn’t capable of but with the addition of such stunning notions it and makes one wonder how extreme technology will get in the next few years.

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Playstation (PS) Vita is another iPhone 5 rival? http://iphone5hacks.org/playstation-ps-vita-is-another-iphone-5-rival/ http://iphone5hacks.org/playstation-ps-vita-is-another-iphone-5-rival/#comments Sat, 03 Sep 2011 11:27:14 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=323 Continue reading ]]> iPhone 5 and Nexus Prime are two of the much talked smart phones that could arrive this year, but Sony thinks its PlayStation Vita can steal the iPhone and Android’s game-loving customers. With the 3DS a dud, the Sony PSP Vita might be the last chance traditional console makers have at reclaiming the handheld gaming crown from the iPod touch.
Playstation PS Vita
PlayStation Vita will steal some smart phones and tablet gamers from Apple. Sony’s director of hardware marketing John Koller claims that smart phones and tablets gamers will “come over to” Play station Vita.

Koller told Game spot, “You’re going to see PS Vita expand what a lot of people believe to be true about handheld gaming, and you’re going to see a lot of those current mobile phone and tablet gamers come over to Vita. We’re very convinced of that.”

‘Next Generation Portable’, the Vita is Sony’s successor, the PlayStation Portable, and like the Nintendo 3DS, it will go up against the iPod touch when it launches at the end of this year. Sony has slapped a price-tag on the Vita that will give it the best possible chance against Apple’s thriving iPod.

It’s also worth noting that the PlayStation Vita won’t be competing with Apple’s current-generation iPod touch. Apple has already launched its fifth-generation iPod touch at its September iPod event. This gives the Cupertino Company plenty of time to look at the Vito and ensure its iPod continues to attract consumers.

Hence, with a full set of unique new features, that both complement and enhance the gaming experience, you are now free to take the world you play in, anywhere you go but Apple undoubtedly is still superior over Sony.

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Sprint orders its employees to say “no comment” to all iPhone 5 Release Date queries http://iphone5hacks.org/sprint-orders-its-employees-to-say-%e2%80%9cno-comment%e2%80%9d-to-all-iphone-5-release-date-queries/ http://iphone5hacks.org/sprint-orders-its-employees-to-say-%e2%80%9cno-comment%e2%80%9d-to-all-iphone-5-release-date-queries/#comments Mon, 29 Aug 2011 21:41:57 +0000 i5hacks http://iphone5hacks.org/?p=320 Continue reading ]]> A recent Wall Street Journal article mentioned that Sprint is getting the iPhone 5, however, Sprint Feed has obtained a supposed in-house Sprint memo coaching dealers on how to respond to a recent report claiming that the carrier will offer the iPhone 5 alongside AT&T and Verizon in mid-October.
Sprint iPhone 5
However we get to look at an internal Sprint note that details ways for its employees to answer iPhone 5 & iPhone 5 release date related questions from customers.

The memo read. “If you’re asked by a customer or just talking to friends or family members, you need to avoid making any comment about the iPhone and simple [sic] state “no comment.”

Hence, if you are asked a direct question by a customer about Sprint getting the iPhone, you can simply say, “Yes, I saw a few of those reports. I don’t have any information to share.” Or if customers want to know more, refer them to sprint.com Newsroom for the latest public information.

While the memo falls short of providing verification that Sprint will indeed be getting Apple’s popular Smartphone, some have taken the company’s “no comment” stance as a positive indication of its rumored plans to sell the iPhone. Thus Sprint is not yet ready to take an official position regarding the iPhone, which means the handset may be launched with the carrier as previously rumored.

http://iphone5hacks.org/sprint-orders-its-employees-to-say-%e2%80%9cno-comment%e2%80%9d-to-all-iphone-5-release-date-queries/feed/ 0