How to Fix installous api error

Fix installous api error [How-to] Guide – Still getting installous api error? Don’t worry below we have the solution to fix installous api error. First let me tell you what “installous API error” or “API error Permission Denied”. Once you jailbreak your iPhone 4, 3gs, ipod touch or ipad 2, you will be able to download all the cracked apps from Installous using wifi connection.

Installous API Error

But from last few days whenever you try to download any cracked app from installous, you will get an error that API error Permission Denied and after that Launch from Apple store link will appear. You can’t see the other download links like mediafire, fileape, filedude etc etc anymore.

There is no official solution from is available yet, but you can try the following solutions as these worked for some of our blog readers.

Fix ALL Installous Errors [Youtube Video]

Fix Installous API Error [Solution 1]:

Step 1: First remove Installous and the Hackulous repository from Cydia.
Step 2: Reinstall the repository and Installous again on your idevice.
Step 3: Reboot your device and launch Installous.

Fix Installous API Error [Solution 2]

Go to the WiFi settings of the WiFi connection you are connected to and scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says “HTTP Proxy”

Click on “Manual” and enter the following :

1. If the Wifi you are connected to is DU : Server :
Port : 8080

2. If the Wifi you are connected to is Etisalat : Server : … Hope that helps … Port : 8080

Fix Installous API Error For iPhone 3gs:

1. Go to cydia
2. Remove Installous 4
3. Remove Appsync for 4.0+
4. Remove Hackulous Resources
5. Remove Source GUI
6. Reboot Device.
7. Install Appsync for 4.0+
8. Install Installous 4 (this will install Source GUI and Hackolous Resources again)
v9. Go to app store and download new free app( you can delete later if you want)
10. After it is install, go to installous and try downloading any app.
11. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to How to Fix installous api error

  1. Ben says:

    it worked on my 4.3.3 until this morning every now and then it works i had loads of downloads yesterday so it must be a software´╗┐ glitch.

  2. Mark says:

    I only can download some´╗┐ apps, some are API error, plz help me :( (

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  4. salma says:

    I tried all of that but nothing worked !! please help me … i uninstall and re install the app sync and installous … i did every solution i found on the internet but … xS
    PLEASE if anyone knows the solution post it

  5. Hooria Khan says:

    wifi settings solution worked for me. THANKS =D

  6. Queeny says:

    Where do I find my wifi settings? I can’t find HTTP Proxy. HELP PLEASE…

  7. jay says:

    worked on my ipod not my iphone 4.but thanxs alot

  8. jonnytd says:

    it worked on my tethered 4g 4.3.5… many thanks

  9. Anthony says:

    If you can’t install anything on installous or the app store here’s the fix. Go to ifile if you don’t have ifile get it on Cydia anyways once ifile is opened go to var then mobile then click the blue arrow on applications scroll down to ownership click owner then if it’s on root chane it to mobile then is should work.