iPhone 5 China Leaked images

iPhone 5 China Leaked [Pictures] – A photo has been leaked online which claims to show a next generation iPhone running on China Mobile’s 3G TD-SCDMA network, reports AppleInsider. Several Chinese-character news websites, including sohu.com and mydrivers.com, have provided the public with unauthenticated photo, which depicts a device resembling an iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 China

This supposed new generation iPhone 5 has China Mobile’s 3G logo printed in the upper right corner and it has an unreleased version of Apple’s baseband software carrying version number 06.10.01. Moreover, what makes this unauthentic photo more real is the missing of an IMEI number, which according to the reports suggest is an indication that the device represents an assessment model.

If the above news is confirmed then China has two reasons to be overjoyed at:

Firstly, China Mobile is finally playing host to Apple’s high selling iPhone.

And secondly, China will be getting iPhone 5 in the first shipment along with US and UK, as it was rumored beforehand.

iPhone 5 would be just a new version of iPhone 4 if the leaked photo is correct because there is no edge to edge screen or a larger more beautiful design. Moreover, according to the Chinese site the iPhone 5 might get a totally new exterior and some upgrades including an A4 chip clocked at 1.5 GHz (1536 Mhz), an 8 mega-pixel camera and a new version of iOS, which in this case would be iOS 5. Furthermore, the physical home button has also been replaced with what looks to be an additional smaller touch screen.

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5 Responses to iPhone 5 China Leaked images

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  2. Rizwan Ashraf says:

    This quiet looks like iPhone 4, its difficult to say anthng without proper time, so i think just wait and watch.

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  4. iPhone Family says:

    can’t wait they release iphone5, hope they come up in white color too.

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