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iPhone 5 / iOS 5 Release Date Rumored to have a delay

Apple’s iPhone 5 looks to be touching down on October 1st in Canada, according to definite information we was received from a reliable source at Canadian carrier. This kind of sound absurd because Apple usually releases it new device simultaneously in the USA and in the Canada but no “US release” seems to surround the air of iPhone rumors.


BGR has reported on several occasions that Apple will announce its brand new iPhone 5 at the tail end of August with a September street date, though it looks like the company might make the iPhone 5 available a little bit later than that.

John Paczkowski of All Things D, in its latest report about iPhone 5 release date, claimed that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be released in October, not September. Paczkowski’s sources with keeping the situation in consideration and surveying deeply declined to offer a specific date, but said the hotly anticipated release of iPhone 5 is going to be October. Other sources claimed the launch will be later in the month, instead of earlier.

Hence, there are certainly no chances for a delay to November or December as Apple will be unveiling iPhone 5 in September or October which is definite. Anyway, Apple hope to release iPhone 5 and iOS 5 coming September 7th, 2011.

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