iPhone 5 Release Date October 7 & Pre-Orders Starts from 30th September

iPhone 5 Release Date is October 7 – Sources are signifying that Apple is planning to start taking pre-orders for the next-generation iPhone handset preliminary on September 30, with an objective launch date of October 7. According to sources, Apple has been weighing between launching the new iPhone on October 7th or October 14.

Apple iPhone 5

On top of this, Apple plans to offer pre-orders for the novel iPhone unlike with the iPad 2. The company has still not confirmed the pre-order start date, but is disputing between Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30th.

Rumors are still circulating that the iPhone could be a full redesign known as the iPhone 5, or a more leveled update that might be called the iPhone 4S. Apple is rumored to be producing two new iPhone’s for a fall debut; one as an upgrade to the iPhone 4 and one as a cheaper addition to the Apple Smartphone lineup.

The next generation iPhone 5 is expected to feature A5 processor, 8MP camera along with 1080p HD video recording abilities, and a larger screen. Furthermore, it will be running latest iOS 5. Buzz is that Apple may also release a second cheaper phone named iPhone Nano along with iPhone 5.

Apparently Sept. 30 isn’t a hard-and-fast date as Apple is also considering starting pre-orders a day earlier, on Sept. 29. Since this is unofficial and just a rumor, this date could be the right one, or could be an assumptions. But currently, it looks like Apple intends to launch the next iPhone handset on this date.

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