iPhone 5 Release Preparations started by O2 by Swapping Out UK Retail Stores?

iPhone 5 release updates, Wireless carrier O2 has sent out notices to its retail stores announcing that it will be beginning a three-week process to change out the iPhone displays in its UK stores ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5. The news was brought to light by several Mac Rumors readers, and this report confirms the rumor of an early-September iPhone 5 launch.
o2 iPhone 5
The notice sent by 02 stated that they are removing the old iPhone unitary between the 22nd August and the 12th September and the process would continue for 3 weeks. Also, they will are installing an International Favorites bay to stores that can accommodate the unit, as well as replacing the existing magazine stand with a new freestanding stand.

Rumors state that 02 itself doesn’t have information on a release date for the iPhone 5 which is assumed to be somewhere until October nevertheless, it is fascinating to know that their planning would be completed by September 12th. O2, Moreover offers several diverse styles of demonstrations for the iPhone based on store type, and retailers have been informed of the variety of new displays they will be receiving in order to plan appropriately.

As O2 is substituting Out UK Retail Store iPhone Displays Through Mid-September it’s not surprising to hear the buzz around iPhone 5 get louder because it symbolizes a massive leap in terms of software and hardware advancements compared to iPhone 4.

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