iPhone 5 to have a blackberry like led indicator [Rumor]

iPhone 5 will come with a blackberry like led indicator – According to an anonymous source that calls itself “Mr. T”, the next iPhone will have an LED indicator next to the camera. What could be better than having an LED indicator as it would presumably flash whenever notifications pops up, such as whenever the user receives a new text message or maybe whenever any application invokes the notification service.

iPhone 5 logo

A flashing LED light is very beneficial as it would make it a lot easier for users to find out if anything needed their attention, without touching their phones. The same feature is found on certain BlackBerry phones. This feature is handy for those people who are stuck for long hours in meetings and can’t keep their phones loud or on vibrations; a flashing LED light would tell them about their notifications.

When Apple had reportedly purchased dual-LED camera flashes to be built into the next-generation iPhone rumors of two LED’s around the camera have already being in hype. This anonymous leak by “Mr. T”, suggests that a second LED would be built in front of the phone and would be used to display notifications, not to improve the accuracy of pictures.

iPhone 5 LED Indicator

The rumors of what will be and what won’t be the part of iPhone 5 are on rise. We know that a future iPhone is coming really soon, since Apple is said to be releasing its new generation iPhone in late August or Start of September but the rest of things are still just a buzz. Let’s hope this LED indicator thing is true because many people would surely love to have an LED indicator on their phones.

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