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iPod Touch 5G coming with 3G Data Connectivity

iPod Touch 5G 3G Data Connectivity – The iPod Touch 4G can do almost everything an iPhone can. It is basically an iPhone without a phone. It has become one of the most sold device amongst the kids as it allows users to play games, browse the web, watch movies or TV shows, and also allows users to download applications from Apple Store. However, it just lacks one thing and that is connectivity. It works only with WiFi hotspots and does not connect to cellular networks.

ipod Touch 5g

We all know that the 5th generation iPhone is going to be released in September but now the rumors of 5th generation iPod touch are on rise. According to a Dutch blog called, the 5th generation iPod touch will get 3G connectivity just like iPad WiFi+3G models and it will be released in September alongside iPhone 5. It is expected that the iPod touch 5G will include new antennas and circuitry for 3G data connectivity.

Well, if the iPod touch will have a 3G Data Connectivity then it will surely become an efficient device amongst the Apple lovers. Having a 3G Data connectivity will help the users stay connected even when they are away from wireless hotspots.

If Apple includes voice and data chips, GPS, 3 megapixel camera to the iPod touch 5G then it would definitely be the cheaper version of the iPhone. Well, it is expected that the iPod touch 5G will be available in two models such as WiFi+3G model and WiFi-only model.


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